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Starsworn, Chapter 1: The Starfall Fair
A print and play game for all ages

Starsworn is a series of read-aloud, coloring book Chapters of an ongoing tale of magic, mayhem, and adventure!  Learn to play at home - just print, read, color, and create!

In Chapter 1, The Starfall Fair, a group of everyday people will rise to become heroes when they fall again - and be swept up in grand and heroic events.

The amazing team at Stories Podcast (the largest and longest-running kids' story podcast on the web!) has a series of podcasts in which the cast of the Max Goodname series play through a parallel tale, so kids and parents alike can hear how the game is played.

Episode 1: Max Goodname and the Iron Penance finds the heroes missing the Starfall fair to travel aboard a floating fortress ... but nothing is safe when the stars shower from the heavens!

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Starsworn, Chapter 2: The Far Swamp

In the second chapter of Starsworn, the tale continues - the heroes must journey to the Far Swamp to seek the Frog Witch, the only sage wise enough to help them unlock their powers. But strange forces are at work, and the stars have caused great chaos across the land ...

After the sinking of the Iron Penance, the heroes must seek out a sage to unlock their powers - but strange magics and powerful foes await them at every turn.  Max Goodname and the Frog Witch is split into two episodes: Part I and Part II.

Starsworn Chapter 2 Cover Art Rob Hebert.jpeg
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Starsworn, Chapter 3: The Celestial Conservatory

Chapter 3, The Celestial Conservatory, finds our heroes on the way to a school for Starsworn to unlock their potential - and perhaps win the famous airship regatta and a flying fortress of their own!

Max and his friends are asked to teach at the new school alongside Lady Bronzewynne - but a sinister plot may sabotage the airship regatta ... will they be in time?  Max Goodname and the Hidden Conservatory comes in two episodes: Part I and Part II.

Stories RPG
Learn to play; play to learn

StoriesRPG is the core system I developed in collaboration with Daniel Hinds.  Though you can learn all the rules by playing through Starsworn, I also have made the system modular, so that educators and parents can use the elements that work best for them.  Each of the following is available for download from my game store:


Core Rules: A one page RPG focused on helping players tell stories of drama, excitement, and adventure together.  All you need is four 6-sided dice, paper, stuff to write with, and at least two people!

Scenes: A tool for outlining scenes for stories or games that's easy, collaborative, and intuitive.

Drama Clocks: Epic, spine-tingling, edge-of-your seat scenes where every Move counts - but without the violence!


Power Ups: An approach to "powering up" where writing becomes joyous - a source of character growth and peer support!

Teller Moves: A set of 16 quick-reference cards with strategies to help you run an engaging, collaborative, compelling, educational game for anyone!

ArithMagine: An optional tool for improving numeracy, this works with StoriesRPG to help kids practice pre-algebra using a deck of cards.

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