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Play At Home
Play along and write stories of your own! All these products are included as part of a subscription to our Patreon, including semi-annual published books.

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Starsworn: Compendium of Adventure
A print and play game for all ages

Starsworn is a series of read-aloud, coloring book Chapters of an ongoing tale of magic, mayhem, and adventure!  Set in the world of Max Goodname, players take in the role of heroes chosen to wield fantastic powers - but also, face the chaos brought about when the stars fall.  Learn to play at home - just print, read, color, and create!

You can get all three chapters in one printed book, along with a foldout map of the world, stickers, pins, and more here. Or download the Compendium as a PDF here!

Just want to check it out? Download the first Chapter as a PDF (Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 are also up as individual PDFs) and listen along to the episodes as you play!


You can also follow the parallel adventures of Max Goodname, Wallace Q. Wallace, and Coralee Anders on the podcast, here.

Gigacity Guardians cover.png
Gigacity Guardians, Chapter 1:
Gigacity Ghosts

In Gigacity Ghosts, players tale on the role of a new group of students at Signora Sun's Sanctuary for the Stupendous, learning to wield their exceptional abilities and figuring out what kind of heroes they might want to be. But as the Guardians get into trouble in the podcast, the characters in the game must decide how to help - and investigate the mysteries that lurk beneath the city streets ...

Over 50 pages of coloring book, choose-your-own-adventure, superheroic saga to play through, with more to come as you listen and play along with the podcast!

We'll release more - with a print version, too! - for supporters on our Patreon.

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Stories RPG
Learn to play; play to learn

StoriesRPG is the core system; though you can learn all the rules by playing through Starsworn or Gigacity, the system is modular, so you can use the elements that work best. 


Each of the following is available for download:


Full Toolkit: Want all the rules in one easy package? This includes all of the modular worksheets and rules kits you need to run your own games, with or without the Starsworn or Gigacity plotlines!

Core Rules: A one page RPG focused on helping players tell stories of drama, excitement, and adventure together.  All you need is four 6-sided dice, paper, stuff to write with, and at least two people!

Scenes: A tool for outlining scenes for stories or games that's easy, collaborative, and intuitive.

Drama Clocks: Epic, spine-tingling, edge-of-your seat scenes where every Move counts - but without the violence!


Power Ups: An approach to "powering up" where writing becomes joyous - a source of character growth and peer support!

Teller Moves: A set of 16 quick-reference cards with strategies to help you run an engaging, collaborative, compelling, educational game for anyone!

ArithMagine: An optional tool for improving numeracy, this works with StoriesRPG to help kids practice pre-algebra using a deck of cards or three 10-sided dice.

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